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  1. 12/4 From Husky To Hire: Build Your Network
  2. 12/5 CVs For Academic And Industry Jobs
  3. 12/6 Resume Lab-Business Career Development Office
  4. 12/7 From Husky To Hire: The Internship Or Co-op Search
  5. 12/7 Weekly Werth Institute Social
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Upcoming Hartford Events

  1. 12/6 Finals Care Packages
  2. 12/6 Meditation Mondays
  3. 12/6 Finals Prep
  4. 12/7 Finals Care Packages
  5. 12/7 Breathing & Gratitude

RSS Career News and Advice

  • Organizations for Young Educators
    As an educator, there are many different organizations you can join where you can learn from and interact with other educators. While young educators have the most to learn about their field, those of any level of experience stand to benefit from …
  • An Opportunity to Intern on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC!
    College to Congress (C2C) is a nonprofit organization that creates pathways for students to intern in Congress who could not otherwise afford to do so.
  • Three things I did at UConn that helped me get my Blackboard summer internship
    As an intern under the community and retention marketing team, I worked on a variety of interesting and impactful products, had conversations with everyone from a former intern to the Chief Marketing Officer, and even flew down to the Reston headquarters to attend our flagship user conference.